Boilers come in different brands which can be powered by either oil or gas. The G-rated boilers which are the older versions consume a lot of energy and if you are still using one, you need to upgrade it to the modern A-rated boiler. This will reduce your energy costs by up to £235 per annum. In fact, all the boilers being installed in the UK today are A-rated because they are eco-friendly are efficient. They lower the negative effect of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Knowing which brand of boiler to install can be a daunting task, but this has now been made easier, thanks to a Which? survey.They went out of their way and surveyed more than 166 renown heating engineers and 12,000 homeowners and came up with a report that is going to help those planning to install boilers to choose the best boilers for their homes.

Why Boiler Reviews are Necessary

The cost of boiler repairs is very high. In fact, it is in the range of £200, and this gives the reason why it is worth taking your time to find out which one is the best before installing it in your home. The review should come from those who have used the boilers because they will be able to tell which boilers are perfect for your home and which ones are reliable.

Which Boiler Brand is Perfect for Your Home?

Many homeowners have the condensing boiler installed because they are efficient and they save a lot of energy. They are the number one choice for many homes because they use gas and are therefore connected directly to the gas supply mains.

Which is the Most Reliable Boiler Brand?

In a bid to find out which boiler brand is the most reliable Which? asked owners who purchased new boilers within the last 7 years whether their boilers has broken down or not. And in case they had broken down, they also sought to know how many times. Worse boilers are two times likely to break down compared to the reliable boilers.

From the survey by Which? Worcester Bosch and Vaillant emerged as the most reliable boiler manufacturers with an 83% satisfaction rating by their clients. Only 32% of the respondents claimed to have had some issues with Worcester Bosch, while 29% of the respondents were not happy with Vaillant.

Potterton, a boiler manufacturer from Britain also posted good results with a 73% satisfaction and with only 38% of the respondents claiming to have had some issues with their boilers.

The manufacturer that came at the bottom was Keston, having only an approval rating of 47% with a whopping 79% of the respondents reporting that they were not happy with the performance of their boilers.

Other manufacturers worth mentioning are Ideal and Halstead which had approval ratings of 64% and 53% respectively.

From this survey, we can conclude that Vaillant takes the lead in both reliability and efficiency. Most heating engineers agree with this and they say that as the world is going green, it is better to install a boiler that does not consume a lot of energy and does not break down frequently.

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