Boiler Repair

Whenever you experience a malfunction with the performance of your boiler, contact us at Precision services. We provide the following kinds of repair:

  • Inner leakages in the boiler
  • Heat exchanger replacement
  • Malfunctioning PRV
  • Discovery of faults and repair of temperature timing controls in your heating system
  • Detection of an imminent misfire or pressure loss with your boiler

What do you get when you use our repair services?

  1. The services of an expert gas safe engineer for your LPG repairs and OFTEC technical expert for your oil-fired boilers
  2. Initial diagnosing services from our engineers
  3. An open and transparent cost with no hidden motive. You will also be informed about cases that cannot be fixed instantly.
  4. Regardless of your boiler warranty, our technical services come with a one-year guarantee
  5. You can contact us anytime within the day, week, month, or year. Our contact line is always available, especially in emergencies. Either you are a previous or a new client, envisage the best customer-client relationship from our company.
  6. It would help if you also note that we don’t work on electric or solid fuel boilers. Our expertise is only on LPG, gas, and oil boilers.

Will the Engineer Fix My Boiler on The First Visit?

Our engineers visit you with various tools and equipment that will ensure immediate fixing. However, if the fault is beyond immediate repair, then, they shall diagnose it and provide the appropriate cost for fixing the boiler.

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