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The best practice to keep your boiler in good condition is to ensure a licensed engineer periodically services it.

Although some people feel it is not essential to check their boilers regularly, failing to abide by the practice can cost you a lot in the long run. A poorly maintained boiler is prone to CO leakages, which can be hazardous to the health of your family as a result of carbon poisoning.

Therefore, ensure you play your role by monitoring the performance and quality of your boilers. Even the manufacturer of this product advises consumers to service them at a minimum, once per year. So, to ensure that you keep this equipment in a proper working condition in your home, then, hire the services of an engineer that will solely be responsible for its servicing or maintenance.

Here at Precision, we have a team of well-trained servicing engineers who are specialized in various types of gas, oil-fired boilers, and LPG. Also, we have a friendly approach to our customers to ensure we help you in the best way possible.

What Happens During Boiler Servicing?

The first step is to check the outer covering, remove it, and then, proceed to assess the inner compartments of the boiler.

Warning!!! Do not try this yourself.  Only certified heating engineers are permitted to do this.

While the inner parts of the boiler are open, the engineer will look out for any leakage fluctuations, or error with the performance of the boiler. All these are to ensure that there are no unusual pressure or damage from any part.

Afterward, our engineer will compile a service report to brief you on the condition of your boiler and the necessary steps you need to take (in cases where a fault is discovered).

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