For a boiler to be regarded as a commercial boiler, then, it must have an input that exceeds 70Kw. Also, if more than one boiler combines to make up 70Kw, such is still regarded as industrial boilers.

How. Do we Install Commercial Boilers?

Our commercial boilers installation services cover all locations within and outside Buckinghamshire. Regardless of the business setup; either it’s a restaurant, small shop, business park, hotel, factory, office, or school, we are proficient with the installation of commercial boilers in these places.

We shall deploy our engineers who will make the initial survey of the location, discover the types of pipes that will lead to the routes, and make recommendations according to the Gas Safe and OFTEC standards. Of course, with a transparent cost.

The Repair of Prevalent Issues with the use of Commercial Boilers

We swiftly respond to any issues that erupt with your commercial boilers. We value the smooth operation of your business, and therefore, make no hesitation in addressing the problem.

After the assessment of the issue, we will test-run its operations to confirm that it has returned to the optimal working conditions.

The maintenance and Servicing of Commercial Boilers

It is a safe and general recommendation that you service your commercial boilers annually for optimum performance. It would also save unnecessary costs that can occur as a result of emergency breakdown, which can as well affect the operations of your business.

So, servicing at least once in a year can save you from such damages.

Commercial Boiler and Safety Certificates

It is mandatory, under the law, that all Commercial boiler owners must have a gas certificate. This would not be a challenge, especially when you employ our installation services, as we provide the Gas certificate for your boiler afterward.

Aside from the legal demand, the commercial boiler certificate is also requested by insurance companies, so, it is a necessary document that you must possess to prevent any hitch to the operation of your business activities.

Moreover, if you have installed a commercial boiler without certification, then, contact us today, so that we can carry out the required assessment, and issue a certificate if it meets the recommended benchmark.

Why Hire Precision Hearing and Plumbing LTD?

That is because our services are second to none. We are aware of this and are proud to have established a safe, transparent, and all-inclusive engagement in the dispatch of our services.

Our engineers and technicians are very knowledgeable with the newest technology for operation, and we have consistently built a stable relationship with our customers within and outside Buckinghamshire. Our reputation is a treasure we do not compromise for anything.

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