Heating Repair and Maintenance

Do you encounter any issues regarding your central heating system? Worry no more, because the experts are right at your doorstep. The incredible solution you seek for lies with the expert services of precision – the best plumbing and heating company in Bucks and its environs.

Engage the services of certified gas engineers, especially when you encounter these issues which, according to reports, are prevalent during the first cold snaps.

Once you contact us, our gas safe or OFTEC technicians shall spring to action immediately. As soon as they reach your home, they will analyze the cause of the problem and inform you about how much it will cost to fix it.

Why Hire us at Precision plumbing and heating services?

Our Quotation covers:

  • Fixing of the faulty part together with workmanship with zero hidden cost
  • A one-year guarantee on fixed parts and technical works that took place.

The frequent issues you can encounter with your central heater are:

  • Cold radiator with no warm water at the tap;
  • The radiator is hot at the lower end but cool at the upper end or vice versa;
  • Unusual noise from the boiler;
  • A consistent drop of pressure from the heater;
  • Leakages within the central heating system;
  • Faulty thermostat;
  • Overflowing heater;

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