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You deserve the perfect LPG boiler; therefore, ensure you get the best with the assistance of precision gas safe engineers who are renowned in Buckinghamshire and its environs for providing effective servicing, installation, and maintenance of LPG boilers.

What Is the Meaning of LPG?

LPG is a short acronym used to symbolize liquid petroleum gas, which is one of the residual extractions of natural gas. The propane content in it is what we use to generate hot water and heat central boilers. The LPG gets liquefied under slight pressure or cooling.

Why do you need a LPG Boiler?

You need the LPG boiler, mainly when your home is among the 4 million homes that do not receive gas supply from the primary grid. At such situation, you’ll have to opt for either LPG heaters, solid fuels, oil-fired heating system, or electric heaters.

Nevertheless, our company has proven expertise in LPG installation and repairs, together with the installation of oil-fired boilers.

How Effective Is the LPG Boiler?

New LPG boilers can effectively maximize energy up to 90%, which, of course, helps to reduce the fuel consumption to the minimal. For example, with the new LPG boiler, you can spend as little as £1 just for 10p while the old LPG can consume as much as 40p for the same amount.

Compact and Quiet

Most LPG boilers are space-effective; that is, they do not take up a larger area of your home. Besides, they do not give much sound, unlike other types of boilers.

Who Can Work on LPG Boilers?

Anyone can come forward to claim expertise in working on LPG boilers, but for the safety of your home, it is advisable you deal with licensed engineers only who are LPG certified.

Our company has not only certified engineers but also experts who have had a robust experience in the service. They have worked on various types of boilers for domestic, commercial, or even private use.

Moreover, we will also advise you to obtain a quotation from an expert surveyor. Our company does this at no cost, even if it requires us to visit your home. We shall assess the condition and suggest the appropriate boiler that will be perfect for your properties. To make such decisions, we have to consider several factors such as the number of radiators, the bathroom count, how often you use the heaters.

LPG Boiler Servicing

It is preferable to service your boilers at least once in a year for efficiency and safety. Also, it will help to preserve the longevity of the boiler and detect little issues with it before they escalate.

LPG Boiler Repair

Whenever you notice any malfunction with your boiler, kindly contact our certified engineers who are always available to address the situation. Our engineers would visit your home with our tools and possible replacement parts in our vans, but in any case, where the condition is beyond immediate fixing, we shall inspect it and give the best quote that will fix it.

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