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Improve the output of your boiler via a constant oil-boiler service

Aside from servicing your gas boilers, it is also imperative that you maintain your Oil-boilers, at a minimum, once per year. OFTEC advises consumers to do this to prevent an avoidable cost on damage and repairs.

Precision has a track record of offering expert oil-boiler servicing for homes and commercial centers within and outside bucks for the past seven years.

A frequent servicing of your oil-boiler by an OFTEC technician puts your home or commercial business at peace because It provides optimum performance for your boilers. Even when they malfunction due to some reasons, regular servicing will help to put it in check.

What happens during an oil-boiler servicing?

The first step is an assessment by the engineer – to Detect possible issues and area that needs to be fixed. Once the check-up is completed, and there is a need for servicing, then, this can take up to 2 hours. During this period, the engineer will loosen the outer case to clean the inner compartments, and caution must not be thrown into the wind, as only a certified engineer is permitted to do this.

Most times, he will recommend a new oil puzzle so that the amount of oil that goes through the burner will be efficiently controlled. Due to prolonged usage, these nozzles block which will likely affect the performance of the boiler.
Also, the engineer will treat the heat exchanger, removing all forms of dirt or sludge that are formed at the exchanger, because they can result in a permanent breakdown of your boiler.

The same activity will be carried out on the heating controls, pressure relief valves, and oil tank.

After the servicing, the engineer will issue an OFTEC CD/11 documents that give further instructions or information regarding the maintenance of your oil-boiler.

Why do you need a Boiler Service?

Avoiding regular boiler servicing can result in unprecedented damage – it will cost a lot, and in severe cases, the boiler has to be changed completely. It can make you spend more than you would have to if you had maintained your boiler as prescribed. Therefore, to avoid issues with total or unexpected damages, ensure you use the services of a certified engineer to regularly service your oil-boilers.

Areas We Cover

We cover oil boiler service in Aylesbury and surrounding villages of Wingrave, Wing, Quainton, North Marston, Haddenham and Brill. 

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