Don’t settle for an inefficient LPG boiler, our gas safe engineers have been servicing, installing and maintaining LPG Boilers across Buckinghamshire and the surrounding counties for over 7 years.

LPG Boilers are often found in properties that do not have direct access to the main gas network.  These heating systems use a stored supply of liquid petroleum gas to generate heat and hot water.

What does LPG stand for?

LPG stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas, commonly known as LPG or LP Gas, essentially it is a bi -product of natural gas extraction. The propane version of LP Gas is used for central heating boilers and hot water generation. The gas can be liquefied at a moderate pressure or cooling to transform it into a liquid.

Why have a LPG boiler?

If you are one of the 4 million homes that are not connected to the main gas grid your choice will often be between LPG heating system, oil fired heating system, solid fuel or electric boiler.  Precision are specialists in both LPG and oil fired boilers.

Are LPG boilers energy efficient

New LPG boilers can reach energy efficiency levels of over 90% meaning less fuel is wasted and you can benefit from lower fuel bills compared to older inefficient LPG boilers. On new condensing LPG boilers typically for every £1 you spend only 10p is wasted, compared with up to 40p being wasted per £1 for old inefficient boilers.

Compact and quiet in nature

LPG boilers depending on the size of your property and tend to be more compact than other boiler types meaning they can take up much less space, freeing up space in your home.  They also tend to be quieter than other boiler types.

Who can work on LPG boilers?

You should ALWAYS only use a Gas Safe Registed engineer to has the LPG certification and practical experience to work on your LPG boiler.  All our engineers are Gas Safe registered and have the LPG certificate as well as a wealth of experience working on all types of LPG boilers for domestic and commercial customers as well as landlords and letting agents.

If you are considering an installation we would also strongly advise you get a quote from an experienced LPG surveyor. Precision offer a free no obligation home visit and quotation.  Our experienced surveyor will specify the correct boiler for your property.  There are many factors that determine which is the best heating system for you based on your property type and age, how many radiators are present, amount of bathrooms and your hot water and heating demand and usage.

LPG Boiler Servicing

Just like gas boilers and oil fired boilers manufactures always recommend at least an annual service to ensure your boiler is running safely and efficiently. A regular boiler service goes a long way to prolong the life of your boiler and rectify any small issues before they could turn into costly repairs.

LPG Boiler Repair

If your LPG boiler has broken down or you believe there is a fault with the boiler, our fully qualified local engineers are here to help. Our engineers carry a range of spare parts in their vans and if unable to fix on their first visit they will diagnose the fault and provide a fixed quotation to fix.

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