There is a widespread delusion that the use of underfloor heaters is more of a luxury than a necessity. However, in recent years, many homes have decided to adopt this form of heater due to the incredible comfort it provides during the extreme winters. The cooling effect it gives to your tiles, its efficacy, beauty, and space it saves are qualities everyone wants in their home.
Although radiators are also an excellent source of heating, underfloor heating is more preferred because it does not coverup space in the house, and it also adds more beauty to the room. Moreover, the heat is spread evenly, and there are no irregular heat spots, so far, the installation is carried out by an expert.

Different types of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating comes in two wide varieties;

  1. Wet Systems – functions with water and is connected to the boiler
  2. Dry systems – works with electricity

Although dry systems are perfect, it can be costly to install and maintain compared to the wet system that works with your boiler.

The wet system operates via the installation of pipes in the floor directly below the main level. These pipes transfer heated water from the central heating system to the pipes that help to heat your house. Majority of the available boilers can sustain underfloor heating, so far it has the right capacity.

The installation of these heaters can be a disruptive process because the floor has to be removed. Therefore, it is advisable you install it along possibly when you also want to carry out other home renovations or floor repairs so that it will save the cost of removing and reinstalling these pipes. However, underfloor heating systems are cheaper to heat the home when compared to the traditional boilers.

Where can I use Underfloor heaters?

It can be used anywhere in the home, but it is more preferred to install them on the basement or ground floor. The costs differ though, due to differences in the home specification. But generally, the minimum amount is about £2,000. Perhaps, you would realize that they are the best option to radiators after you have installed them.

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