Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has traditionally been seen as a luxury, however this type of heating is being used more in many types of homes. Especially during the cooler months, nothing beats the comfort of warm tiles in the morning. This type of heating is efficient, convenient and space saving heating solution that can also add value to your home.

With underfloor heating you negate the need for radiators, freeing up valuable wall space and generally improving the look of a room. The even heat distribution of this type of heating makes it a highly efficient energy source when installed correctly as there are no cold spots and little heat is wasted.

Different types of underfloor heating;

When talking about underfloor heating there are two types wet and dry systems.

Wet systems are water based connected to your boiler and dry systems are electric based.

Electric systems can be quicker to install but the running costs are higher, Precision install wet systems, that feed from your boiler.

Wet systems work by installing pipes in a subfloor below the actual floor type. The pipes carry warm water from your central heating system through the pipes which heats your home, any boiler can power underfloor heating as long as there is sufficient capacity.

Obviously because you need to take up the flooring underfloor heating is disruptive to install and unless you are renovating and involved in major home improvements where the floor will be removed anyway this can be rather costly. On the other hand a wet underfloor heating system can be more cost effective to heat your home than a conventional boiler as the water runs at a lower temperature than what radiators do.

Where can I use underfloor heating?

You can use underfloor heating throughout your entire home, however we typically install it on ground floor rooms.  It can cost in any region from £2,000 upwards depending on your exact requirements and property. However once fitted they are more up to 30% more efficient than radiators.

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