Hot Water Cylinders

Cylinders are necessary storage facilities for hot water, most particularly, in homes that use a system or traditional boiler. Thee are two basic types of storage cylinders – Vented and Unvented.

  • Vented Cylinders

    A vented cylinder operates along with a cold-water storage tank. Why? Because it transfers water to the hot water cylinder through the cold-water storage tank downwardly. The disadvantage of using the vented cylinder is that it moves water at low pressure, and besides, lots of space could be required for the extra cold storage tank.

    Nevertheless, it works perfectly well with equipment that operates under low pressure. The Installation is not challenging, and most times, it does not require constant maintenance.

  • Unvented Cylinder

    The Unvented cylinder is a reservoir for hot water only. It passes this water directly to the tap and shower whenever it is required. It is more efficient than the vented cylinder, and it does not work with a cold-water storage tank.

    Therefore, it supplies water at high pressure and does not consume a lot of space in your home. Also, during the cold months, you can easily remove the pipes within the loft to avoid freezing.

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