Radiators are essential utilities for your home because they provide warmth during cold periods.
We have a broadened scope of services regarding your radiators; we provide designer radiators; we fix old ones, and make our engineers available to monitor their performance.

New Radiators

The latest designs of radiators come in different colors to add beauty to the interior of your home. Besides, these radiators consume less energy and save a lot, in terms of fuel bills.

These radiators do not only perform the function of providing warmth, but they are also an integral part of your house design and beauty. At Precision, we have different types of old and latest brands of radiators, which includes the notable Stelrad design.

Radiator Prices

There is no specific price for radiators in general. It all relies on your choice of brand, size, design, and color.

Radiator Problems

Mostly, radiators seldom develop faults; however, common issues such as radiators being cold at the top, but hot at the bottom or vice versa can be experienced.

If you experience such issues, then it might signal the presence of air in the system. Therefore, you can bleed the air off your radiator by following our instructional manual.

Also, if you notice that the top of your radiator is hot while the bottom is cold, then, there is a high chance of sludge and debris deposition in your heating system. It occurs gradually until it eventually blocks your radiator. In such a situation, the best approach is to ‘power flush.’

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