Precision offer oil repair services to customers throughout Bucks and the surrounding counties.  To reduce the chance of breakdowns, we recommend having your oil fired boiler serviced on an annual basis. OFTEC recommend that oil fired appliances and equipment are serviced at least once a year or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Perhaps you have a unpredictable heating system,or your boiler keeps losing pressure or misfiring, making a lot of noise, or maybe you have an oil leak.

Same Day Oil Boiler Repairs In Bucks

Sometimes when your boiler has a fault it can leave you without heating and hot water.  Where possible Precision offer a  reliable same day oil boiler repair service to all of our customers throughout Bucks and the surrounding counties.

Energy Efficient Oil Boilers

Did you know your boiler will account for around 60% of your household energy costs. Older boilers can lose large amounts of energy, some boilers run at just 60% efficiency – that’s about 30% of your heating and hot water fuel wasted!

We only use A-Rated Oil Boilers such as Worcester Bosch and Grant. These boilers are over 90% efficient and offer long warranties. Modern oil boilers are also compatible with a range of the newest heating controls allowing you to maximise your heating even further.

It is very important that your Oil Boiler is serviced every year, as it will improve its efficiency and prolong its life.

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