There is a large amount of grease in your pan and you simply put the liquid down the drain – what’s the worst that could happen? Turns out, it could be doing more damage than you think.

The Damage

If liquid grease is left too long in a pan, as you will likely have seen for yourself, it solidifies into a thick, sticky substance. The same thing will happen in your drains if you pour the liquid down your plughole too. The grease will build up in your drains, collecting other bits of food and general grime that goes down your drain. Over time, this will block up the pipes more and more, causing water to drain away much slower due to the blockage. It could even get so bad that the drain becomes completely blocked, stopping any water from flowing away at all.

Some drain cleaners are available to fix this; strong chemicals to break apart the block. However, this won’t always clear your blockage so a drain snake or drain repairs carried out by a plumber may be necessary. This can become very costly.

Extremely hot water may flush away some of the grease but some will linger on. Also, the grease will then travel on which can cause issues for your neighbourhood. Furthermore, eventually the grease cools again, reforming the blockage.

This all points to one simple piece of advice: Don’t put grease down your drain!

Alternative Ways To Dispose of The Grease

Here are three alternatives to get rid of leftover grease and oil:

Pour into a Jar

Old jars can be used to pour the grease and oil in to. If you only plan to dispose of the grease, simply keep adding leftover grease and oil into the jar until it is full then throw away the full jar. However, you may wish to keep the grease and oil to use again (for use in fryers or to grease your pans in the future). If this is the case, be sure to use different jars for different oils and grease.

Let It Solidify then Throw It Away

Another way to avoid drain maintenance is to simply throw the grease away in the garbage. As mentioned above, grease solidifies over time. If you leave it to sit in your pan until it is solid, you can scrape it out right into the trash.

If you would prefer not to do this, you can put some foil into a bowl and then pour the liquid grease in. Once it cools, wrap it up in the foil and then throw it away.

Wipe It Away with Paper Towels

The final tip to avoid unnecessary drain unblocking is to wipe the grease away with paper towels. This method is simple enough but it does create more waste in the form of greasy paper towels. However, this is preferable to paying for drain repairs.

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