Contrary to buying a telly where you step into the store and choose one from the shelves, the boiler field is based on the suggestions, sources, and installation of heating technicians. Therefore, you can’t always know about the company you are dealing with and the cost you’ll pay, especially due to the fact that heating companies give engineers commissions and other incentives to promote their products.

This is why “Which?” has conducted a survey and asked 170+ heating engineers to rank all gas boiler brands available in the UK market. Thanks to their special formulation, they have eliminated any bias from their replies. The engineers have revealed everything–from the construction quality of each boiler company to the degree they would suggest it or not. Of course, easy of use, fixing and service of spare parts were also included as variables in the survey. The result showed a few brands standing out among others and some where technicians do not recommend at all.

Go here if you are curious to know the top boiler parts. And in case you are thinking of buying a new boiler for the season, here is what you need to consider before making your purchase.

Availability of boiler spare parts

In case your boiler crashes in the heart of winter and needs immediately a spare part replacement, it would be wise to know whether you have a brand that heating technicians can easily obtain spare parts from. Therefore, a couple of days in cold internal temperatures and freezing cold showers are certainly unavoidable. This is why “Which?” has questioned each engineer regarding the ease of finding spare parts for each brand. You may view the most popular responses below.

Ease of obtaining spare parts

Many large boiler brands in the UK have set-up networks to obtain spare parts fast. However, you may find that the process isn’t so easy or fast with smaller manufacturers like Ferolli, Keston, Johnson and Starley. 

Ease of boiler repair

The “Which?” survey also asked technicians about the ease of boiler repair for a typical problem. The problem in this case was the replacement of boiler’s domestic hot water heat exchanger part. Some boiler brands make this problem easier to repair but one the biggest manufacturers, Worcester Bosch, lags somewhere in the middle, with many engineers claiming that this fault is harder than easier to fix.

Top boiler brands based on heating technicians’ rating

In addition to the above questions, Which? have also asked each of the technicians about their opinion on the quality of each boiler brand. Nearly 9/10 claimed that the quality of the manufacturer that scored last on this scale was subpar. That happens the opposite way, where 83% of technicians who claimed the construction quality of the highest rated manufacturer was good. To check out which companies technicians claim are developed to last, as well as their suggestions, take a look at the top boiler brands section. Here are the boiler manufacturers ranked in “Which?” 2019 survey:

Survey methodology

“Which?” forwarded the online survey to heating engineers and 171 responded in the survey. Heating technicians are frequently given incentives when they set-up one brand over others and so they had to eliminate any bias by disregarding responses from technicians who were motivated to set-up or partner with a particular brand. Therefore, for instance, if you connect to the reviews section and see a 5-star suggestion of the brand, this is a strong clue that is a real and unbiased rating.

To present the top boiler brand reviews, the researchers merged the results from the heating technicians’ survey with trustworthiness and client scores from typical consumers who have purchased a boiler in the last 6-year period.

The differences in brand reliability are simply astonishing–those who scored the least in terms of reliability, were 3X times more to encounter a problem compared to the most reliable brand.

If worst case scenario your boiler breaks down this season and you have to replace it, make sure you are buying one from a trusted manufacturer, recommended by both engineers and buyers, as seen in “Which?” Best Buy boiler manufacturers survey.




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